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Safety Award Program

CHWCA administers a safety award campaign called “Cash for Culture Safety Award.” The goal is to promote a positive safety culture…one idea at a time. Employees of member agencies can win cash awards up to $500 by submitting their safety ideas and solutions.  Your agency can also take home a $6,000 award by winning the most proactive and innovative safety program submitted.  All employee and agency submissions are due by Friday, October 22, 2021.

Safety Award Program Overview

Safety Award Program Supervisor Instructions

Safety Award Application

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Workplace Violence Prevention Webinar Series

CHWCA members deal with a diverse client base and sometimes work in remote locations that can lead to working under stressful and confrontational situations. If employees are not adequately trained to recognize and deal with these situations in a positive manner, these situations could escalate to dangerous levels. Providing employees with additional training and resources to recognize and handle these situations could greatly improve their working conditions.

CHWCA has partnered with Alvarez Associates, a leader in workplace violence prevention recognition and training, to present this webinar series.  Each webinar will be broadcast live and recorded so you can use them for training your employees at a later date. All videos are password protected. Please contact Katie Sullivan ( for password and/or technical assistance.

Workplace Violence Prevention Webinar Series

Webinar 1 – Situational Awareness/Personal Safety

Webinar 2 – Preventing Workplace Violence

Webinar 3 – Workplace Culture

Webinar 4 – Field Safety

Webinar 5 – Confrontation Management

Webinar 6 – Active Shooter

Webinar 7 – Workplace Crisis Intervention

Additional Risk Control Resources

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